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ASAM Systems Manager is The leading Network Infrastructure and Services Monitoring company. ASAM is the monitoring solution provider since 1999.

Do not let your customers be your 1st line support desk.


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Let us help you prevent future outages. Our solutions will make you and your team the hero's of your organisation. Claim your well-deserved time to sit back and relax.


Sensor what?

Its not IT only. We can monitor just about anything, anything with a sensor. And these days just about everything have built-in sensors.

Instead of presenting a non-exhaustive list of what we can monitor,

why don't you challenge us.

...but who is watching your monitoring server?

LazyNanny™. An off-premise monitoring guard. Alerting whenever your monitoring solution halts, gets stuck or fails. This Nanny service includes email and SMS notifications and is suitable for many if not all of our competitors' monitoring tools.



Trusted and Reliable

A glance of some of our valued customers.


They should know, really... they do


"We have Nagios running for several years now. The  default core version is very hard to configure and  maintain. ASAM took care of migrating the old stuff to their platform. Managing Nagios is a piece of cake."
IT Manager, Utrecht University
"Rolling out Service monitoring with ASAM went as expected. Together with ASAM we assessed the organizational impact and changes in workflow. Success!!"
Service Level Mgr, ThyssenKrupp Elevators
“We installed ASAM's monitoring solution. Displaying separate dashboards for our business applications and servers. Better visibility of service status. Taking a load off our support desk.”
Group IT Mgr, Outstart EMEA



ASAM Systems Manager BV

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DO NOT let this happen to you



Wild Guess...

You are here because some of your production systems and/or applications failed - undected.

Your website or web-application was down. Lost revenue: ...too much to mention.

Not surprising, most of our valued customers find us after incidents have already occured. But it's true, we do have monitoring solutions for you.



Need to Proactivate

Revive Fast. Our monitoring solutions will enable you to respond quickly.

Solution highlights

We take research and development seriously


LiveBoard™. Real-time alerts dashboard
Always aware of your IT status
Separate view for each team


More info, easy diagnoses
Agents developed by ASAM
Custom agent development? Just ask


VlaaiChart™, nice graphs
Keep track of cumulatives
A definite "Boss pleaser"



Mobile solution for fast action. Ready to disturb you at night or during weekends. You will hate your boss because this solution works


LazyNanny™. An off-premise monitoring guard. Alerting whenever your monitoring solution halts, gets stuck or fails. Don't be fooled, Lazy Nanny is vigilant all the time, every time


Automated reporting. Receive email reports of your system health /availability. Customizable settings for automatically sending daily, weekly, montly reports



And many more...
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Our support level is truly unmatched. Support and assistance based on years of monitoring knowledge and experience.

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