The Monitoring Company

ASAM Systems Manager is the leading Network Infrastructure and Services Monitoring company. Monitoring your services, applications, devices is a proven way of ensuring and upholding your business availability. ASAM is the monitoring solution provider since 1999 and can provide expert consultancy, installation, configuration, training, reporting, maintanance, support. Also our R&D is capable of quickly delivering monitoring agents customized to your needs. Our preferred Monioring tool is Nagios and NagiosXI. ASAM is Nagios Enterprises Service Partner and Authorized Reseller of the internationally acknowledged and awarded Nagios platform.




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Ensure Business Continuity

Today's continuous changing IT environment has created new demands on IT operations and monitoring. To manage the overall health of the network environment a continuous understanding of how a service or an application maps to and performs within the current state of the infrastructure configuration is imperative. To proactively manage and control IT assets remotely, easily and efficiently an integrated and unified view of network activities is needed.


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Customer Quotes

Daily Operations

 "We have Nagios running for several years now. The  default core version is very hard to configure and  maintain. Only one member of my team knew how to do this. ASAM took care of migrating the old stuff to their platform. This eliminated the risk and managing Nagios is a piece of cake."

IT Manager, Utrecht University


 "Rolling out Nagios with ASAM went as expected.  Together with ASAM we assessed the organizational impact and changes in workflow. Success!!"

 Service Level Mgr, ThyssenKrupp Elevators


 “We have installed ASAM's monitoring solution in our Network Operations Centre where we have separate dashboards for our business applications and servers. Better visibility of service status means that our 3rd line support desk is now aware very early of issues and can fix them long before end-users start to raise tickets.”

Group IT Mgr, Outstart EMEA



The Monitoring Experts

How much information do you need to accurately diagnose systems or service alert situations. ASAM believes in presenting more information to the administrator or operator in order to get incidents resolved as quickly as possible. Using the Nagios community agents/plugins for checking your environment is fine. But the ASAM agents truly enable "Fast Ticket Resolution". ASAM Systems Manager BV is NAGIOS Enterprises Partner and Nagios Reseller. ASAM can supply all the Nagios Enterprises Suite solutions. Even if you already have Nagios installed: ASAM products will work on top of existing Nagios(XI) stacks.


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